Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This mill was actually worked until the early 80's, until the EPA shut it down for improper environmental procedures.

Sunday, July 5th, I decided to take a ride up to Stateline Ghost Town. Stateline is approximately 30 miles north of Modena, UT, near Hamblin Valley. Like most ghost towns in Utah, Stateline was a mining town. The mine produced gold and silver. You can read more about the history of the town/mine HERE.

Anyways, around noon, I loaded up the truck, grabbed Yoshi (my black lab), and headed out. For the most part I knew where I was going, but still had to check the map a few times. I usually always end up taking a detour route, somehow I ended up at this small cemetery in the middle of nowhere..

Oddly, the rest of the pictures I took of this place didn't turn out..

This was the cemetery for the town of Hamblin. I couldn't find much info on Hamblin, other than THIS. Seems to have suffered the same fate as many of the other ghost towns in Utah.. all I could find at the supposed town site up the road were a few caved in foundations.

Near the Hamblin town site.

After this, I headed over toward Enterprise for some drinks, and then toward Modena. At Modena I turned north and headed up Modena canyon.

Neat rock formations off the side of the road..

Wild horses?? Or escapees??

After getting lost for a bit I finally found the turn off for Stateline. I spent a few hours there exploring and walking around, it's a very cool place. I actually think I may have visited once when I was a kid.. I'll have to check Grandma's photo albums. :)

After exploring around a bit I decided to head home around 7:00. There is another Ghost Town in the area, called Gold Springs. I really wanted to visit this one too, but I figured since it was getting late, I should head back. I didn't want to get lost out there in the dark. :p

All in all it was a great day, I highly recommend you visit Stateline!

Old machinery inside the mill.

Watch your step!!

Looking out the window of the mill toward Stateline

Inside the mill

Looking down toward Stateline, which was once home to over 300 people.

East side of the mill.

West side of the mill.

The General Store??

General Store.

Caved in foundation, lying in ruin.. If these walls could talk..

Another home/store/saloon? surrendering to the elements..



Old broken sun-purpled shot glass.. wonder if any outlaws drank from this??

Another foundation..

Old chimeny still stands.. house does not..

More modern outhouse north of the town site. I didn't need to go that bad..

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